FuturMaster Sales Planning & Budgeting

FuturMaster's Sales Planning and Budgeting solution provides the ability to manage your budgets and sales planning quickly and effectively based on current forecasts and actuals.

Managing the process step by step, you will be able to create and prepare new budgets with the capability of changing prices, costs and discounts (including future changes), adjust top-down, bottom-up and middle-out splitting and work simultaneously in volume and sales.

Once this has been carried out, FuturMaster enables you to carry out alternative scenario simulations, with each person having their own version which can not only be compared with others but also initiate other versions.

Budgets can then be confirmed and revised within the system, integrating actuals and revised forecasts, simulating adjustments and updating for variance reporting.  Key to this process  is also the ability to measure actual performance against original and revised budgets once approved. 


Information and collaborate effectively


Different scenarios in just a few clicks


Scenario versions and initiate new ones


Effective and informed decisions


Improved performance and results