In the past decade, with the increase in multi-channel operations and the rise of ‘click and collect’, the retail industry has undergone a huge amount of consumer-led innovation.  Indeed, with this ongoing innovation and the growth of both the supply chain and consumer demand, it is clear that retailers need to be flexible and ready to adapt to customer needs.

Although the 5R Golden Rule (Right product, Right time, Right quantity, Right place and Right store/channel) remains at the core of retail innovation today, the ability of consumers to purchase a product through a range of channels complicates supply chain challenges further. With this in mind, cross-channel data synchronisation is now not only a priority for the industry, but also a necessity and the reliability and accuracy of procurement, stock management and sales forecasts are even more critical.

Here at FuturMaster we can enable you to achieve that and more, helping you to identify your fundamental supply chain challenges and provide you with a solution tailored to your needs and business objectives.