Delta Plus

The Company

For over 30 years, Delta Plus have developed, manufactured and distributed personal protective equipment.  Their range of products protect the working person from head to toe, under the brand names Panoply and Venitrex that combine quality, comfort, technology, ergonomics and design.

In order to provide the best service to their customers in terms of quality and cost, Delta Plus manufactures in its own factories and manages the total value chain of its products.  They have an international presence with 20 distribution centres, allowing them to be close to their customers throughout the world.

The Challenge

Whether it is within he company brochure, the product catalogue or in the news magazines of the Delta Plus Group, Supply Chain Management is not only widely discussed, but is specifically incorporated into the sales pitch.

With two export logistics bases (China and India), three platforms and eight warehouses, Delta Plus wanted to establish a Logistics and Supply Chain Department which was solely responsible for stock distribution and supply, enabling countries to focus on sales and marketing activity.  It was vital to set up a supply chain system which supported this new organisation.

The Solution

The group purchased FuturMaster Demand Management and Distribution Planning due to the software not only being within budget but also used by many of their customers.

FuturMaster's Demand Management was implemented in all Delta Plus subsidiaries and commercial forecasts are developed monthly for a horizon of two years.  The split of colour and size is then made according to the recent rate of sale inferred from the sales history.  These forecasts drive centrally managed requirements plans.  FuturMaster then integrates all the constraints and allows suppliers to view their demand and optimise to full container loads.

The Results

Today FuturMaster gives an overview of stocks and flows at each point in the supply chain.  Lead times have now been significantly reduced and as a result, customer service levels have increased dramatically.