FuturMaster Advanced Promotion Management

Advanced Promotion Management (APM) optimizes all promotional activities. Promotions are managed throughout their life cycle; from initial creation to approval by various stakeholders and finally to their completion in store. Expert techniques are used to simulate the promotional impact (cost, margins, retailer margin, capacity etc.) prior to the start date and actual data is captured throughout the promotion for rapid decision making and post-promotional analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign.  APM puts you in charge of your promotional spend and drives increased promotional profitability.

      • Promotion planning by customer, product, period, status…
      • National or regional promotions with in-store dates, product listings and quantities…
      • Automatic calculation of the uplift and delivery profile of a promotion
      • Management of cannibalization and post-promotional effects
      • Re-profiling of fixed quotas based on actual orders
      • Approval process and comment logging
      • Alerts for under-performing promotions
      • Pre- and post-promotion analysis


      Promotional activities and improve performance


      Possible promotional impacts


      With external and internal stakeholders


      Before and after your promotion


      Promotional progress and trends


      Promotional profitability